Malea Birke • Art

Caves are parts of humanity. They appear where light and shadows meet. They are the place between underworld and upper world that escapes our conscious awareness. Gods are told to have lived there, guarding the world that we have no access to. Accessible only to those that overcome their fear. It is a place where the eyes lose their ability. Where the ears gain it...

The video is based on recordings of the famous cave of Niaux that was 12000 years ago actively used and painted The famous hall "Salon Noir" with its fantastic acoustic was probably used before for musical events.

The recordings were permitted by the French Cultural authority. "Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles" (DRAC) in Toulouse, the local institute SESTA in Tarascon sur Ariège. The recordings were done in September 2017 on a 6400 km research trip through France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland during the searching where humanity comes from. The images are shot from different caves on this journey in France and Germany.


Egyptian Oud player Hamada Osman and German singer Malea Birke: A Sound explorations for the new year 2017. That the sky lifts us when we want to fly. And that the earth gives us a home when we need to rest. Happy New Year 2017


Improvisation in Luxor with the Egyptian artist Hisham Abdelmoety & German singer Malea Birke to explore how sound and possibilities are available in the very Moment. Let the birds fly...

By the calculations of NGOs we have finished our resources by August 2017 for this year. This video was recorded as a healing prayer for Mother Earth at one of the ancient places. Here in the mountains of "Harz", Germany.