Malea Birke • Art

If agri-culture serves to understand the laws of nature. Healing to explore different forces in us. Creative arts serve to understand the senses. It sharpens the awareness what serves us and what does not. Asthetic becomes the point of reference in life.

Imagine you paint something and how deeply you must be looking to re-create the object infront of your eyes. Painting teaches to see things better. Imagine how deeply rhythm and sound could be understood by singing a piece of music. To understand folklore and classical music by exploring these musical traditions. Singing teaches where resonance starts and ends in us. Story telling is a narration about failure and success, about different drives in us, by archetypes and symbols. Story telling teaches that good and bad does not exist. True heroism is a choice of the moment. Interestingly that each project was the consequence of something and the purpose of something else. 

In Interviews I have explored people who inspire me what does art and awareness mean to them. Among them were the great musicians Arianna Savall and Ibrahim Maalouf. The yoga teacher and pianist Andreas Loh. One of the CEOs of the only biodynamic farms SEKEM in Egypt.

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2017: In the music project "caves" I have explored what effects cave have to the senses. What happens when form and time disappears and the echo in the darkness is the only orientation. The results were astonishing...

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2016: In the audio book project "Orpheus and Eurydike" I have explored what a hero is. The recording took place in a improvised studio in Egypt with local musicians.

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Upcoming are sound explorations and synthesis from the experiences in temples and caves.